How one of the largest quick-service restaurants in India had a 250 contact center up and running in just 3 days

One of the Largest Quick Services Restaurant in the world. They outsourced the contact center operations to a large BPO in India. 

Christmas was just a week away. A huge spike in orders during Christmas was anticipated. The design and implementation time for the contact center was only 3 days.

The requirements were quite advanced too. Including IVR designing for personalized prompt handling per region, Skill-based routing, Integration with CRM, Customized IC directory for an agent to be able to confer with outlets using shortcodes, Automation to Dial Call abandoned and route to the agent upon voice detection, Blacklisting, Screen Recording and much more. 

With our expertise in designing large, complex modern contact centers, we adopted a scientific approach to understanding the business processes and converting them into a reliable design.  Genesys PureConnect was selected. It is one of the very few solutions which fits well for organizations which have frequent changes in business processes. 

Product Engineers at CEX Lab &  IT representatives at the BPO teamed up, working 24/7 to build a 250 user contact center for the business. The setup was made available for customer UAT 72 hours later and the business started training the agents in parallel on the UAT environment.

Yes, a contact center with advanced requirements can be deployed in 3 days and the agents were able to serve the customers in the christmas time and give a wonderful experience to the customers.

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