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What is IVR?

IVR, also known as Interactive Voice Response, is used to subject users to a computer-controlled architecture with keyboard input options for attending calls at a business unit. This technology is used by various organizations to transfer the calls of customers to the proper representatives with the help of text-to-speech and keyboard input options. The main purpose of the IVR is to check for details from the customers and forward the calls accordingly to the required team members.

What is the importance of IVR for businesses?

Businesses need IVR to manage huge volumes of calls at the offices and direct them to the proper representatives here. Another important benefit of using the IVR is to cut down on unwanted ones and get time to focus on the critical queries of individuals. Another important agenda for using an IVR is to automate the calls and organize callbacks to customers on priority. Proper execution of IVR services at businesses can increase the customer experience to a certain degree.

Distinct versions of IVR
  • Self-assistance IVR: The main motive for utilizing an IVR is to handle huge amounts of calls and messages to companies. This low-cost facility can help businesses transfer calls to the required representatives and save time and energy. This process also helps in identifying critical issues, with calls being forwarded to executives for further assistance.
  • Hosted IVR System: Hosted IVR systems help in accessing the IVR application over the internet without the fear of losing connectivity. Again, hosted IVR systems help in looking into customer issues even after business hours, thus increasing their reputation and trust with their customers.
  • IVR with Agent-Assist: The agent-assisted IVR can help businesses increase their potential while enhancing their business values. An agent-assisted IVR can direct the messages to the said customers and provide agent involvement without the customer’s prior notice.
Why would businesses need an IVR number?
  • Automate Customer Requests: Automate customer requests to the respective executives by providing the option of self-service to the customers.
  • Manage and collect feedback: IVR systems can help businesses manage the feedback collected using surveys and questions.
  • Great customer support: Businesses utilizing IVR systems are bound to offer better customer support with automatic call transfers.
  • Personalize details: personalize and update the IVR flow chart accordingly, and make calls to customers regarding the transactions and other matters involved.
  • Decrease performance costs: Businesses can decrease their operational and performance costs with effective management while installing these IVR systems in offices.
  • Improved call transfers: Implementing IVR systems in businesses can effectively direct calls to the proper executives at the offices.
Frequently Asked Questions

The IVR system is used to handle huge call volumes and figure out the critical queries of customers regarding products and services.

Yes, IVR calls can be updated according to the customer’s queries while sending them automatic messages with proper customer care calls to handle critical issues.

No. IVR systems are available on the market at reasonable prices. Hosted IVR services may have some extra costs but are beneficial for increasing business for the organization.

No. Maintenance charges are nearly needed as all the expenses are borne by the companies providing the IVR systems for the organizations.

Yes, easy communication with proper transferring of messages and calls can be done via an IVR system for businesses and companies.

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